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Graphene plasmon and 2D nanomaterial’s optical properties


    Graphene plasmons have high compression ratios, great local optical field enhancement, and are electrically tunable (tunable from terahertz to mid-infrared). However, due to the single-atom-layer two-dimensional structure of graphene (each atom is in a surface state), graphene plasmons are sensitive to the environment and are easily affected by surface charge impurities, optical phonons, etc. on the supporting substrate. Our research is divided into three parts:

(1) High-performance graphene plasmons are realized through dielectric environment design, such as long life, wide frequency adjustable range, etc.;

(2) On the basis of high-performance graphene plasmons, plasmon-enhanced infrared spectroscopy is performed by utilizing its high local optical field enhancement;

(3) Novel optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional nanomaterial for van der Waals heterostructures based on graphene plasmons.

(4) Research on near-field optical instruments with high spatial resolution and characterization methods.

Representative Publications:

1. Hai Hu*, Renwen Yu, Debo Hu, Alexander McLeod, Pablo Alonso-González, Xiangdong Guo, Hanchao Teng, Chan Li, Na Chen, Xinzhong Chen, Ziheng Yao, Yunpeng Qu, Zhongjun Li, Jianing Chen, Zhipei Sun, Mengkun Liu, Javier Garcia de Abajo*, Xiaoxia Yang, Qing Dai*, Active control of micrometer plasmon propagation in suspended graphene, Nature Communications, 2022, 13: 1465

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