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National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China (NCNST), established in December 2003, is co-founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Ministry of Education as an institution dedicated to fundamental and applied researches in the field of nanoscience and technology, especially those with important potential applications. NCNST is operated under the supervision of the Governing Board and aims to become a world-class research center, as well as public technological platform and young talents training center in the field, and to act as an important bridge for international academic exchange and collaboration.

The NCNST is focused on basic research and applied basic research in nanoscience and technology. It aims to build an international advanced research base, a public technology platform for nanoscience research, a window for international exchange in the field of nanotechnology in China, and a talent training base. While striving to provide support for the development of nanoscience and technology, the NCNST is also committed to promoting standardization of the national nanotechnology industry, expecting to contribute to the healthy and orderly development of nanoscience and technology in China.

The NCNST currently has 3 CAS Key Laboratories: the CAS Key Laboratory for Biological Effects of Nanomaterials & Nanosafety, the CAS Key Laboratory for Standardization & Measurement for Nanotechnology and the CAS Key Laboratory for Nanosystem and Hierarchical Fabrication. Besides, there are Division of Nanotechnology Development, Nano Processing Laboratory and Theoretical Laboratory. The NCNST has co-founded 19 collaborative laboratories with Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.